The Dream Maker

Lynn Tilton
I re-launched Jane, a beloved brand in color cosmetics, with the hope that I could excite and unite young women with beauty products and a campaign of compassion. Outer beauty inspires confidence which enhances inner beauty allowing compassion to radiate. As a sister company to Stila Cosmetics, we are well versed in providing high quality products enveloped in elegant packaging. Our new paper packaging of lush white roses reflects romance and heavenly light.

It is very important to me that this brand envelops our customer in design and beauty but also carries an important message that inspires and ignites. As the owner of one of the largest female owned businesses in America, I have had to battle against and overcome myriad obstacles on my way to the top. I want the path to be easier for the next generation of women. And I believe our destinies, as women, will change when we begin to be kind to each other. So I endeavor to teach young women that compassion is contagious and that kindness is cool and that together, standing shoulder to shoulder, we are the greatest force of nature.
With love and light,

Lynn Tilton